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App Production – iOS & Android App Building System with App CMS

We create high-quality smartphone apps at reasonable prices. An app for two systems with the App CMS! You will receive an iOS and an Android smartphone app which you can order either as a “Ready to use” app or as a “self made app” with a ready-made design.

With our app content management system it is very easy to adapt the existing app to your own needs. Most of the changes you make in the App CMS are immediately visible in the app. Only major changes or changes to the app icons, the background images or the app name require a new generation of the installation files.

App Content Magament System

Once you’ve decided on an app and bought it, you’ll get full access to the App CMS for the first year. For free! After the first year, your app will continue to work and you can continue to send push messages, only editing the app is no longer possible.

However, we offer you the possibility to use the App Content Management System at an attractive price. Here you have the possibility to use the App CMS with the existing modules or you use the complete access with all current and future modules available.

It is your decision! However, we recommend that you book this option. This gives you many advantages and can extend your existing app at any time or make changes.

The prices are very small so that it is also affordable for small businesses.

App Puplishing Service

How do I publish my app on Google Play and iTunes? If you want to publish your app yourself, you need a developer account with the two providers. On Google Play, this access costs $ 25 once, the Apple Store costs $ 99 a year.

If you do not have your own developer account, we can also upload the app directly to our stores on Google and Apple. Please note that a recording of the app in the stores is dependent on the quality of the app. Ideally, you book access to all app modules so you can add more interactive features to the app if you’re discarded, giving you a better chance of listing the app in stores.

Since the listing of the app is in no way influenced by us, it is not possible for us to give a guarantee. Our support team will be happy to provide you with important tips for your app to be included in the stores.